Purchasing groups

The idea of the TIMBA purchasing group consists in using the phenomenon of synergy.


Synergy can be also defined as the interoperation of factors, which allows to achieve the effect bigger than the sum of the componential actions.

It is often demonstrated by the equation 1 + 1 = 3 and more.

Due to combined forces, small and medium enterprises get a better negotiating position while talking to suppliers and, as a result, they can save more.
How does it work?

The enterprises operating within the group submit orders at the central unit (in this case, it is TIMBA), which carries out negotiations with a manufacturer. TIMBA assumes a position of a large purchaser, which puts it in a better situation in comparison with the units operating on the market on their own.

Pattern for submitting orders by the TIMBA purchasing group



Benefits of the participation in purchasing group:
Money saving

Enterprises save about 10-15% on average on the ordered products thanks to the participation in purchasing groups.

Time saving

Searching for potential suppliers is a very time-consuming process which can often last for months and is not always effective.

Effort saving

Verification of trade partners, collecting information and then choosing the best offer – all these aspects require a lot of work and effort.

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