I am the originator and founder of the TIMBA group. Together with experienced partners, I would like to create one of the most developed databases of the timber industry companies in Europe and use it to search for opportunities of cooperation between them.


We are going to start with the Polish market, which is supposed to be the base for extension of our activities. What differentiates us from other trade companies is comprehensiveness.


We are looking for cooperation opportunities in regard to all areas of operation of the timber sector enterprises – from ready goods, through sawn timber and semi-finished products, to by-products and biofuels.

How we work?

After creating the database of the potential companies from the timber sector in Poland, we get to action. We visit each of these entities personally in order to determine their manufacturing capacity and demand for materials.


As a regular participant of fairs, conferences and other events connected with this industry around the world, we are able to efficiently look for the opportunities of cooperation between domestic manufacturers and foreign entities.

By the end of 2021 over 800 companies will have been visited and verified by TIMBA in terms of their manufacturing capacity and demand for materials.

When gaining experience as employees of leading companies in the timber and furniture industries with both domestic and international structure, we have understood one thing – there are people behind each organisation, even the biggest one. People who, like each of us, have their strengths and weakness.

When it comes to big corporations – people working in purchase departments often do not have access to smaller manufacturing companies and there are many reasons for that. One of them is low marketing activity of small enterprises – they are very difficult to locate by big contractors and, because of that, they mainly operate on the local market.

The process of mapping and analysing the capacity and needs of the timber industry companies by TIMBA is distributed over the years (talks with hundreds of entities every year), whereas corporations often have specific time, which is usually no longer than several dozen days, to find a supplier of a given component.

Having a few thousand entities from the timber industry in the database and knowing the characteristics of their activity and estimated prices, TIMBA will be able to present ready proposals of solutions for both parties – the recipient and the potential manufacturer – in a short time.

We encourage both domestic manufacturers who would like to get more information about the activity of our company, as well as foreign entities willing to begin trade activities in Poland to contact us.